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by Vocal Expert Naila Aziz!

Naila Aziz is an International Vocal Expert, Consultant and Music Educator with more than 28 years of teaching, studio recording, stage and TV experience. She received her Masters degree with Honors in Musical Theatre from the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art.

After having  experience voice loss of her, through research and experience Naila Aziz has synthesized many necessary elements into a system that gives incredible results in preventing and healing conditions such as vocal polyps, thus avoiding unnecessary surgery.

Her unique sensitivity allows her to quickly detect incipient vocal problems and strengthen vocal inadequacies with custom made exercises. Her comprehensive knowledge of the voice and musical styles allows her to train students successfully in a multiplicity of vocal styles such as Classical, Musical Theatre, Flamenco, Oriental, and Jazz.

You can purchase Ms. Aziz’s “27 Oriental & Flamenco Vocal Exercises,” a book for singers who would like to develop an Oriental and Flamenco singing styles. Additionally, this book can be purchased from the iTunes Store.

You may also purchase lessons with Ms. Aziz, as well see what her students and colleagues have to say about her successful teaching methods, which have helped hundreds of students achieve the voice that they always dreamt of!


Naila Aziz’s New Book: 14 Classical Vocal Exercises


This project presents a step by step vocal training for the advanced singer to rapidly develop, on their own, the ample vocal flexibility and agility of voice needed for works such as Mozart’s “Alleluia” as well as those in other styles.

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